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Get Featured & Take Your Brand Global 

We want to offer you the opportunity to take your brand global and stay ahead of the game by featuring your article with us in any one of our magazines. There are many topics/areas of interest to choose from, such as business, corporate updates, travel, and entertainment. 


HPW will maximise your brand exposure by:

  • Building and boosting your brand.

  • Reaching your ideal customer.

  • Complimenting your product or service.

  • Making you stay ahead of the game.

  • Captivating your audience.

Packages available:

  • 2-page article with 3 high-resolution images, 1 page AD - $197

  • 3-page article with 5 high-resolution images, 2 page AD - $297  

  • 4 Page article, TV-interview, a 30-sec ad featured on our show and live events, link to the website, logo on our website - $697

  • Inside cover Feature - 4-page article with TV-interview, a 30-sec ad featured on our show and link to the website, logo on our website. $1,997.

  • Cover Feature - Email

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