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Get Featured & Take Your Brand Global 

We want to offer you the opportunity to take your brand global and stay ahead of the game by speaking at our business events  and featuring you in one of our magazines.

Our vision is to equip you and maximise your brand exposure by:

  • Effortlessly helping you to building your brand.

  • Equipping you to become the go-to-expert in your field.

  • Help you to master the art of professional speaking.

  • Help you exude authority in your niche

  • Captivating your audience.

  • Increase sales by at least 10%

  • Increase your networks on social media and put you in front of decision makers.

  • Get more speaking engagements through our social media ads.


Packages available: (Prices applicable for all packages)

  • Lady Australasia Power

  • Lady Africa Power

  • Lady America's Speaker Package 

  • Lady British Power

  • Lady India Power

  • Magazine Cover Feature - Email



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We reserve the right to not accept, edit or reject articles submitted.  All articles are limited to 1000 words.