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Presidential Magazine


Our flagship magazine is produced under an exclusive license with the US Presidential Service Center. It covers fashion as seen at White House events, state dinners, business ideas and affairs, food service, hospitality at The Camp David Resort and Conference Center, HMX 1 and Marine One, Air Force One, White House departments across the full gamut, including science, medicine, entrepreneurs, the Treasury and more.

Herrington Publications Worldwide is contemporary in the market and also hosts with the US Presidential Service Center the three awards of: 

• The Top 100 Leaders Award.

• 7 over 70.
• The 8 in their 80's.
• 9 at 90 Awards.

The magazine is digitally published and packaged in an attractive format. It is available in print or digital.


I Am Woman Magazine is a magazine for business-minded women who want to take their career to the next level. 

We empower, elevate and encourage women to become the leaders they were born to be, by celebrating their contributions in business and society.

For launch package pay here. 

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Lady African Power Magazine celebrates the contribution of women in business and society and their extraordinary progress in expanding women’s leadership in Africa, the importance of such leadership and the challenges that remain before full equality can be achieved. 



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Crypto Genius is the most trusted source of news, reviews and guides on cryptocurrencies and giving our readers insights from the world's smartest blockchain specialists.  



The Zimpreneur magazine is a business magazine that brings Zimbabwe and Africa’s entrepreneurs, influencers, and leaders to a global audience. Readers will also be kept abreast of emerging entrepreneurship, leadership trends, and developments. 


The magazine will be digitally published every quarter and packaged in a 100-page attractive format.  The magazine will also cover entrepreneurship, leadership, leadership ethics, business, technology, professional development, work-life balance, politics, education, music, entertainment, and culture.  


Your Magazine Here

Are you an association, federation or part of a board of directors that wish you had a magazine?  Do you wish you had a periodic magazine with 140 pages?  Do you own a corporation and desire to get coverage in a magazine but have had the door slammed in your face?  We will make your dreams come true and build a whole appropriate industry magazine from scratch with HPW, and you can be featured on the front cover.  Imagine having your eight-page spread featuring full-colour photoshoot images about your life and corporate dynasty.

Get Featured and Take you Brand Global

We want to offer you the opportunity to take your brand global and stay ahead of the game by featuring your article with us in any one of our magazines. There are many topics/areas of interest to choose from, such as business, corporate updates, travel, and entertainment. 


HPW will maximise your brand exposure by:

  • Building and boosting your brand.

  • Reaching your ideal customer.

  • Complimenting your product or service.

  • Making you stay ahead of the game.

  • Captivating your audience.

Popular Packages

$97 - 1 Page Article with 1/2 Page Ad.

$197 - 2 Page article with Full page Ad.

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