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  • Hazel Herrington 

  • Martin CJ Mongiello

Ethics and Leadership Training Course

The Ethics and Leadership training program is designed for small and medium business and corporate leadership training for larger organizations. 


We created this program to equip, empower and motivate people to become ethical leaders by designing systems and processes where they refuse to engage in unethical behaviour and practice moral and ethical leadership.


Our programs are therefore customized to assess where your organization is and where you need to be.  The programs can be run online and offline via zoom, business workshops, and training courses.


If you have an immediate challenge that needs to be addressed now, our courses include topics such as Conflict Resolution, Meetings in Hotel Rooms, Speak Up, Becoming a more Ethical Leader in your organization, Criminal Sexual Touching, Ethics in Computing, Ethics In Business and Ethics in Real Estate. 


2-day online program @125 per person with a min of 8 people per program. 

Onsite Classes (Prices do not include flights and accommodation)

1,400 1 Day 

2,500 2 Days

7,200 3 days 

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We accept all cards from 190 countries, and all prices are in USD

Please call us with any questions at +61452520841 (Hazel Herrington)

or email-

We are also on WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal at +61452520841.  If you are purchasing a corporate package, our accounting department will send you an invoice to pay from our recordation for your files.

Refunds are not provided, including reasons such as catastrophic accidents, death or evacuations by law enforcement and military troops on site.​

Herrington Publications Worldwide, Pty Ltd. ™

U35, 38  Labrador St, Labrador, 4215, Qld, Australia

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To invite Hazel and Martin to speak or train your staff book here. (For one-on-one coaching or group coaching also book here)

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