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 Hazel Herrington and Karen McDermot

The dynamic duo behind diversity and inclusion Publishers, bring their readers
"Lady Diversity Power"
A collection of short stories that celebrate powerful women around the world.

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Author / Speaker Anthology Package 


If you're a woman entrepreneur, then you know that diversity is key to success. Lady Diversity Power is your go-to guide for doing business the right way, with powerful insights and strategies from some of the most successful women entrepreneurs around. You'll learn how to create a diverse and thriving business empire.

Our mission is to shatter the glass ceiling and champion inclusion in the publishing industry and; our goal is to give the business community a valuable tool, which has the power to change the face of the global economy and workforce by engaging the global community to empower, employ, and support women.



  •  “Lady Diversity Power Business Book” focuses on changing the mindset of individuals to promote equality. The book intends to explore how women can lead change in their business and in the world. The book seeks to tackle issues of identity and power, the ways in which privilege is manipulated, and how the feminine can be empowering and non-competitive.

  • This book is a forward-thinking publication that seeks to change the publishing industry by also allowing women of color to contribute their best ideas. It’s open to all women of color, from all over the world, from many different cultures, to participate and promote diversity and inclusion in the writing world.

  • "The Lady Diversity Power Book" targets a huge and fast-growing group of highly educated women. The group combines a high level of education with the experience of balancing career and family life. With detailed instructions on every aspect of business and a specifically designed course for female business owners, there is no better way to get started in business than by following the Lady Diversity Power Book guidelines.

  • The book will provide inspiration for women with an interest in starting their own businesses. The book is set to provide women with inspiration and the ability to realize their dreams through becoming a successful entrepreneurs.

  •  As a woman entrepreneur, you will undoubtedly encounter some tough times in your business. "The Lady Diversity Power Book" provides advice and strategies to help you through these times and will you to become a more effective leader in the process.

  • "The Lady Diversity Power" book is dedicated to empowering women and girls with empowering products, information, and services. Our motto is “Every Woman and Girl Matters”.

  • Show women entrepreneurs how to gain traction in the marketplace.

Young Businesswomen



The Lady Diversity Power Book provides business consultants, business executives, entrepreneurs, students, business owners, self-employed workers, students, business consultants, business coaches, graphic designers, accountants, managers, and anyone who is interested in improving their business skills with the ideal format for going into business as a lady entrepreneur, specific to serving today's internet driven world.



This book is curated by Hazel Herrington and Karen McDermott to promote diversity in the publishing industry and business world. The book will be published by Herrington Publications Worldwide & KMD Publisher.

Package - $2,500 USD

  • Co-Author with the submission of 2,500 words.

  • VIP Speaker opportunity at the Lady Diversity Power Leadership Conference.

  • Feature in one of our magazine's submissions of 1000 words and a business advert.