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A magazine for the modern business man

Business Man Power Magazine (BMP), published by HPW, is a must-read for any business man looking to up their game. We bring you inspiring stories from businessmen all over the world, relaying their experiences, successes, and hard-earned lessons -all directed towards making sure that businessmen come out on top.  

Our magazine is published periodically and examines business across multiple industries such as real estate, finance, health and politics providing businessmen with the necessary power to stay ahead of the curve.


With regular interviews from business moguls around the globe, articles on trends in business technology and innovation as well as effective strategies for increasing business success, our subscribers are provided with the most comprehensive collection of contemporary business knowledge - giving readers just one more advantage when it comes to dominating the corporate scene.

FEATURING: Actor, Producer, Humanitarian and Entrepreneur
Keith Mason

Dejan Stancer Chairman of the Global Chamber of Business Leaders

Get Featured 


A featured businessman in the Business Man Power magazine can be incredibly beneficial and empowering for businessmen, entrepreneurs, millionaires, CEOs, business coaches, executives, and companies alike.


Not only does being a cover story offer quick recognition to any business or individual in the business world, but it is also an excellent way to market one's business or brand.


The possibilities are endless: from professionals giving their insights on current political trends or business successes to that offering advice on real estate investments or personal finance strategies.


Moreover, it can be a great platform for promoting innovative solutions that advance business, health, and well-being all around the globe. Regardless of who you are - a celebrity CEO or a small business consultant - having your story highlighted as our cover story will necessitate immense success and power within your everyday life. 

So if you're ready to go further and accelerate your own business journey then Business Man Power Magazine is just what you need!


Sign up today and stay informed about everything business men need to succeed in their field.  Our magazine’s content make it the ultimate guidebook for relevance and help businessmen take hold of their power.


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