A Note of Welcome

"We welcome you to Herrington Publications Worldwide Pty Ltd (HPW). This is a place where aspiring and seasoned writers, speakers, coaches and consultants congregate. We pride ourselves on being the go-to place for writers and lady speakers who want to get branded and build a thriving successful career".

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Welcome to HPW
HPW helps high-powered women use their voice to create more freedom and fulfilment in their lives. Whether it's delivering a keynote address, authoring a book, or empowering others to achieve success, our mission is to help women succeed with their most passionate work in the world.

Our Mission


To empower women to speak out and become fearless leaders by sharing our platforms and highly successful 1:1 publishing and speaker coaching programs. We’ve worked with over 100,000 women and we’ve created lasting change for countless more. 

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Our Services

Herrington Publications Worldwide provides marketing products for influential executives, business owners, speakers, leaders, and business coaches to help them brand themselves with expert marketing articles, magazine features, media training, and public speaking courses. In addition, our public relations specialists work closely with our clients to build relationships within the media, such as Newspaper writers, Radio Talk Show hosts, leading bloggers, and magazines. Each new client will be assigned a specialist who works one-on-one with them before pitching their story. 

Events & Project Management

HPW also organizes and hosts events for powerful and influential executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, speakers, and experts. In addition, we provide the platform for our experts to brand themselves with expert marketing articles, virtual events, magazine features, media interviews, and speaking engagements around the world.

The Lady Speaker Power, I Am Woman Global, and Woman Politico Magazines are bi-monthly publications featuring the latest trends and best practices in Business, leadership, global trends, and financial intelligence. In addition, our media team has had the privilege to interview and converse with Hollywood celebrities such as Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, Jewel Kilcher, and Jason Alexander from the iconic comedy Seinfeld.


Our mission is to help you build an unstoppable global brand, complete with targeted customers and the right products for them.  When it comes to publishing your book or converting it into ebook format, Herrington Publications Worldwide is the best place to go. We offer the following services for lady speakers; Fast & accurate proofreading.

- Quality & professional editing service.
- Personal & fast customer service.
- Publishing Consultants.

Our other services include:


  • Speaker Training and Personal Branding programs.

  • Business Coaching/one-on-one and group coaching.

  • Ebook - write market and help you sell.

  • Website and landing page creation.

  • Online course creation.

  • Personal and Business branding kits.

  • Project Management.

  • Business Consultancy.

  • Speaker funnels.


If you are ready to step up to the next level in your speaking or book sales career and share with us your vision of how we can make it happen together, we would love to hear from you. Together we can build your brand and share your message with a whole new audience of potential customers, clients, and fans of your work.